Our Houses Light the Coast

Coastal Carolina Curling Club was established to develop and promote the Sport of Curling in Southeastern North Carolina.  Our goal is to engage amateur athletes, both beginner and advanced, young and old, in this historic game, and enable them to compete on a regional, national, and international level.

Our Club is welcoming new curlers. We have curlers of all ages and skill levels, from basic beginners to the highly experienced.

The best way for brand new curlers to acquaint themselves with the sport and get started with the club is to attend one of our "Learn to Curl" sessions, held periodically throughout the year. We are happy, however, to have  anyone come and give curling a try at any of our regular scheduled open curling sessions (prior arrangements must be made, however - contact us to do so).

Visiting curlers are also more than welcome to come and join us at the Wilmington Ice House.

President’s Message:

As the Coastal Carolina Curling Club heads into its third year, we aim to continue to expand opportunities for everyone in eastern North and South Carolina to participate in one of the oldest club sports in the USA.  Ours is a growing club: we welcome everyone to join us, try curling, and discover for yourself the strategy, challenge, and joy of this fast growing sport.
Good Curling!
Roger White
CCCC President