Spring League Standings

 Standings After Round 6:

  1. Team Lantz                  (5W-1L)
  2. Slip ‘N Slide                  (5W-1L)
  3. Swashbucklers             (5W-1L)
  4. House Hunters             (4W-2L)
  5. Team Crowell               (3W-3L)
  6. Broom Broom Pow      (1W-5L)
  7. Team Jacobs                (1W-5L)
  8. Three Men + Lady        (1W-5L)

Week 7 is the last week before the Spring League playoffs start.  The playoff rounds will begin with Round One being played on May 30th: 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, 4 vs. 5.

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Spring League Starting!

The Coastal Carolina Curling Club proudly announces that the Spring League will be starting this Saturday. Every Saturday afternoon session will start at 5:30 pm and run until 7:15 pm. Review our Location & Schedule page for details & updates.

Buy Now Button  Alternates, or anyone paying to play on a night-by-night basis, pay $20.00 per session and may pay in person prior to the start (please arrive early to do so) or via paypal.

Buy Now Button The Spring League Fee is $170.00 per member for all dates between March 28 – June 13, 2015.   The fee may be paid in person or via paypal.  [Note that, in order to be eligible to pay the Spring League Fee, one must be an honorary club member.  Please see membership information below.]

For your convenience, if you are paying any fee by paypal within 24 hours of a curling session, please print or retain your email receipt to assure the club treasurer can confirm payment at the rink.

The Coastal Carolina Curling Club membership year starts on April 1st. Download and complete our 2015-16 Membership Application to join today!

Do not hesitate to Contact us with any questions.

Congratulations Team Slip ‘N Slide!

Jason Allen John Wojciechowski Sarah Garelick Liz Bonfanti

Jason Allen, John Wojciechowski, Sarah Garelick, Liz Bonfanti

The Fall League was amazing!  We had a lot of great competition and a lot of fun as well.  The 4-end consolation games worked great and we had an unbelievable championship game on Sheet 1 which came down to the last rock from Rick.   Here are the final standings, and you can look over the entire League spreadsheet which is attached:

Fall League Final Standings
1.  Slip ‘N Slide
2.  Team Crowell
3.  Ladies of the South Ruler of the House
4.  Three Men and a Little Lady
5.  Stone Cold
6.  Swashbuckling Sweepers

Congratulations to Slip ‘N Slide.  Skip Jason Allen pulled out some amazing shots in ends 7 and 8 to secure the victory.  Team Crowell was one stone away from the victory, and they deserve lots of credit for their consistently good performance this tournament.  How about the Ladies climbing from 5th place to 3rd place yesterday with back to back wins!  Three Men was missing its skip but vice Matt Shelby stepped in to lead them to a first consolation round victory.  Don’t overlook Stone Cold in 5th place.  They were one of the most consistently solid teams this tournament.  And the Swashbucklers will no doubt stick together and avenge their record which does not reflect how well they play.  

A special thanks to all of the Alternates who played in the Fall League.  We could not have done it without you!

Remember to join us in December for what is shaping up to be a great Learn to Curl on December 13 and then the last Open Curling of the year on December 20. We do not have any 2015 dates yet but we will likely start off the year with Open curling and LTC in January and then I’d like to see a Winter League begin in February.  Not too soon to get your teams together or let me know you need a team and I’ll help place you.  Stay tuned!  Happy Holidays and good curling,

John Woj
Coastal Carolina Curling Club
League Chair