Round 2 – Spring League Playoffs

Broom Broom Pow pulled off a major upset by stealing 4 in the last end to beat Slip ‘N Slide in Round 1!  The Playoffs now split into two Brackets**.  This Saturday’s game matchups* are as follows:

A Bracket Semifinals:

#2 Team Lantz vs. #8 Broom Broom Pow
#3 Swashbuckling Sweepers vs. #4 House Hunters

C Bracket Semifinals:

#1 Slip ‘N Slide vs. #7 Three Men and a Little Lady
#5 Team Crowell vs. #6 Team Jacobs

Round 1 Results:

#8 Broom Broom Pow defeated #1 Slip ‘N Slide
#2 Team Lantz defeated #7 Three Men and a Little Lady
#3 Swashbuckling Sweepers defeated #6 Team Jacobs
#4 House Hunters defeated #5 Team Crowell

*Note on matchups: as stated in the playoff groundrules, original seeds are used to determine matchups, with the highest available seed playing the lowest available seed remaining in each round within each bracket.  

**The final round will be split into 4 Brackets: A, B, C & D.  The A Bracket winners in Round 2 will move on to the A Bracket Championship, while A Bracket teams losing in the 2nd round will play for the B Bracket award; and similarly for the C & D Brackets.

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