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Apr 18,2018 - May 2,2018    Time: 9:15 pm - 11:45 pm

Grab your coffee, chips, sandwich or cupcakes and come curl in our Wednesday Midnight Snacker League! Mark your calendars 4/18/18 - 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm (may change by a few minutes) 4/25/18 - 10:15 pm - 11:45 pm 5/2/18 - 10:15 pm - 11:45 pm Teams will be formed by draft.  New curlers will be assigned as team captains and will draft the rest of their team from the remaining pool.  Team Captains will chose their positions first, then draft the remaining team positions.  Teams will play together for all three games. The league winner will be determined by wins and losses.  Ties will be decided by a three game points total.  Points are based on wins, losses, ends won and points scored. There may be some pre-game broomstacking.  As we will have some brand new curlers, we will have a short 15-2o minute learn to curl for those players prior to the games starting.  During this time, the team captains will conduct the draft. This is a casual, no pressure, all fun format!  Good curling!


Wilmington Ice House
7201 Ogden Business Lane
Wilmington, NC 28411

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